Web Design

I build sites, ranging from simple HTML affairs to complex blogs or content management systems. Using PHP and Javascript, I produce sites anywhere on a spectrum of interactivity. Check out my portfolio for some examples. I can both redesign existing websites and create new ones.

Long-Term Support

I can also offer my skills as a webmaster. I prefer administering websites I have created, but I'll handle anything that's well-documented. From periodic content updates to infrequent layout changes, I'm your guy. Get in touch with me, and I'll get in touch with your site.


I make my knowledge available to be mined. I'm happy to talk to anyone who is looking for a website or web administrator, and I can answer questions about hosting and domain names. If you're an amateur web designer/developer, feel free to contact me ask about any problems you might be encountering. This is a totally free service.

Job Offers

Please contact me with any offer of employment.