About Me

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Michael Pruess

Twenty-seven years old, based in El Cerrito, California. I've been making websites since I taught myself XHTML and CSS in 2004. This was when I built the first iteration of Dreams of the Quill, the online home for my creative endeavors. My first paying gig was redesigning and administering the East Bay Chess Club website in 2006. Since, I've worked for a variety of clients, ranging from model agencies to a national lab. Undergrad kept me from doing much work, but I am gearing up to multiply my workload. Making websites is not just work for me: it's fun!

Mission Statement

Generally, my goal is to design slick, standards-compliant websites which function smoothly and are pleasing to the customer. Sometimes I imagine this as a grander endeavor: a quest to increase the overall quality of the web.

Other Things I Do

I am a graduate of UC Berkeley, where I majored in rhetoric and minored in creative writing. Other topics I've studied include history, education, political science, philosophy, and literature.

Game design is one of my oldest passions; I founded Laboratory Mayhem and am a developer on Card Hunter.

Work can never be meaningfully divorced from politics. I am a revolutionary socialist and active agitator for social & economic justice.